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25 Different Shades Of Brown Hair Color

25 Different Shades Of Brown Hair Color

Brown hair is the most distinctive hair color. Do you think that brown is just one shade? Get ready to be wondered. Brown is so much more than just only light, medium, and dark brown color. There will never be a dull moment when you have so many shades of brown. We bring you 25 best shades of brown hair, and it doesn’t get better than this! Get ready to brunette up!

Following are the cool brown shades hair colors:

Medium Ash Brown 

It is fantastic for those wanted to conceal the appearance of grays

Ash Chocolate Brown

With a darker brown base, this rich brown shade is mixed with a pinch of smoky gray to give it an ultra-cool look. For fair & cool-toned skin, this shade will come out beautifully against your complexion.

Cool Dark Brown

Consider the shade as the dark brown with the blend of blue – which pops up well. The rich tone gives a striking contrast against pale skin especially.


This coffee-inspired hue is as dark and delicious as your morning cup. This cool shade beautifully matches dark to medium skin tones with eye colors.

Mushroom Brown

Another trendy color shade of brown hue is mushroom colored brown hair. This hair color trend looks like the much-loved portobello mushroom.

Light Ash Brown

Light ash brown is an ashy type and is perfect for those who want to stick to a brunette mane. This hair color help conceal gray hair, thanks to its ashy undertones

Plum Brown

It is a hybrid of chocolate brown hair and plum-colored components. With just a blend of plum purple, it’s the perfect shade to try out if you’re thinking of hanging out outside the box with your hair color.


Your preferred sweetened treat is a coveted brown hair color. This pale brown color with blonde swirl length looks gorgeous when matching with medium, warm and deep skin tones.

Bronzed Brown

Metallic hair is still having a significant moment, and with colors like rose gold and bronze brown, we understand why this trend has stuck around as long as it has. With its intense shine, bronze-brown is the immaculate hue to prove that brunettes are anything but bland and bring some brightness to your look.

Light Golden Brown

If you like the look of beachy blondes but don’t see it in yourself to part ways with your brunette mane, match up your hair with this warm brown hair color.

Toffee Brown

Toffee brown will be another type for you all. This color has a dark ash brown base that’s glows up with medium and light brown highlights all over.

Chestnut Brown

This toasty hue always recaps us of warming up by the campfire. Consider the rich, medium brown color with golden traces for winter.

Chili Chocolate

This brown hair color is the sharp shade for those who want to make a delicate change to their brown hair.

Mahogany Brown

If you cannot decide between red hair and brown hair, mahogany brown hair is the perfect fit for you. It satisfies your desires without going full-blown red.

Golden Brown

Without losing your brown base, golden-brown hair will give you the gilded hues you desire.

Cinnamon Brown

This brown shade matches with hints of red and orange.

Sandy Brown

This sandy brown color matches both warm and cool skin tones and has a light brown base with ashy blonde balayage highlights.

Honey Brown

This warm shade walks the line between dark blonde and light brown hair.

Rose Brown

If you’ve been expecting dyeing your hair a fun shade but are unsure, rose brown hair is for you.


It’s a mix of brown and blonde hair color shade which gives natural-looking highlights.

Light Brown

Think of milky chocolate! That’s what this silky-smooth shade looks like.

Chocolate Brown

This is cocoa-inspired brown looks beautiful on all skin tones.

Black Brown

Dark brown hair usually has neutral undertones, ideal for all skin tones.

Toasted Caramel

Try a toasted caramel hair color to add some edge to your brown hair. To get natural-looking highlights that mix seamlessly with your base color, make headway to the saloon right away.

Cherry Brown

This vivid hue can be personalized to combine warm or cool tones throughout—a great option no matter your skin tone type.

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