Skin Care Write For Us

Skin Care Write For Us

Skin Care Write For Us

We at TBC are constantly seeking talented writers to contribute to our platform. Whether you are an experienced blogger or just starting out, we welcome your voice and invite you to write for us on the topic of skincare. We aim to entertain, educate, and provide fresh insights to our readers and we are looking for writers who are experts in their niche and can share their thoughts and experiences with our audience. If you are interested in pitching a story to us, keep reading to find out more.

Can You Submit a Guest Post on Skincare for our Blog?

Our blog, The Beauty Core, has a monthly readership of over 100,000 and we are currently accepting guest posts about skincare. We produce hundreds of engaging stories each month, catering to parents and children in India, the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. We are searching for writers who are comfortable reviewing various skincare products that may interest our readers.

Who Can Submit a Skincare Guest Post on TBC?

We welcome guest posts from bloggers who specialize in parenting or motherhood-related topics. It does not matter where in the world you are based, and you don’t even need to have your own website to submit a guest post. If your blog has something to do with family, parenting, or interesting content for TBC, we would love to hear from you. Take some time to review our content before submitting your skincare blog posts to The Beauty Core

Why Should You Write for Us?

Writing for The Beauty Core on the topic of skincare is an excellent way to expand your audience as a writer and gain exposure for your brand. Our readership of mothers is a valuable target audience to reach. Contributing an article to our skincare content is an effective way to increase your website’s traffic and search engine rankings. According to a recent survey, nearly half of marketers agree that guest posting is the best way to generate leads. If you write for us every day, you can broaden your network and receive more exposure for your work.

Tips for Writing a Great Skincare Guest Post

  • Know Your Audience: As a skincare writer for The Beauty Core, it is important to understand the audience you are writing for. Most of our readers are mothers looking for skincare tips and advice that will benefit their family. Keep this in mind when selecting a topic and writing your post.
  • Originality is Key: We pride ourselves on producing original content, and we expect the same from our guest writers. Before submitting your post, make sure it is unique and has not been published elsewhere. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Be Informative: Our readers come to us for expert advice and insights, so make sure your post is informative and offers new perspectives or tips. Use credible sources to back up any claims you make and include statistics or recent studies if possible.
  • Write in a Conversational Tone: While it is important to be informative, it is equally important to be engaging. Write your post in a conversational tone that will captivate our readers and keep them interested.
  • Use Subheadings: Subheadings make your post easier to read and understand. Use them to break up long paragraphs and to help organize your thoughts.
  • Use Keywords: Use relevant keywords throughout your post to help it rank higher in search engine results. However, avoid keyword stuffing, as it can make your post sound unnatural and difficult to read.
  • Include Images and Videos: Adding images and videos to your post can make it more visually appealing and engaging. Make sure the images are relevant and high-quality.

How to Submit Your Articles

To have your blog posted on The Beauty Core, you must first pitch your post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge. You can email us at with the following information:

Editorial Guidelines

Before writing a guest post for us, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Your guest post should be original and offer unique ideas on the topic that have not been published elsewhere.
  • The content should be relevant to the topic and clearly defined, while avoiding any copyright issues.
  • The word limit for the guest post is between 700 to 2200 words. The content should be submitted as a Google Doc via email.
  • For credibility, we recommend including links, statistics, and recent study data, along with bullets and headers in your post.
  • After submission, you may not publish the article on any other platform, including print or digital media.
  • Writers should include subheadings to make the article scannable and more readable. All subheadings should be in the form of a question for emphasis.
  • The blog title should not exceed 10 words or 60 characters, but it can be changed by The Beauty Core if necessary.
  • Writers may include one link to their website, but no affiliate links are allowed.
  • Once we publish your article on our platform, it becomes the property of The Beauty Core.
  • We do not offer compensation for guest posts, nor do we provide compensation related to the post.
  • You may promote the post on social media by publishing 100 words along with the link to the article.
  • The Beauty Core reserves the right to delete your post from the website after one year.
  • If we wish, we may include an affiliate link in your
  • To receive credit for a post, authors can send us a 2-3 line bio with two links to their blog’s social media accounts and a backlink to their blog.
  • You can also send us photos and videos related to your content, as long as they are original and belong to you or you have proof of use.
  • We will post your articles on other social channels, but this does not guarantee traffic to your blog’s social channel.
  • We review and approve all posts before they go live. We may edit or reject any post that we deem irrelevant or useful.
  • We will take care of search engine optimization and reserve the right to make changes if necessary for SEO reasons.

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